We often get asked, what is hydrodipping?

Surprisingly, very few people out there fully understand the art of hydrodipping, to be technical, hydrodipping according to Wikipedia is ; printing apparatus provided with a structure which supplies a transcription film into a transcription tub containing a liquid so that the transcription film is kept afloat on the liquid, a structure which makes the liquid flow in a direction in which the film is supplied, and a structure which slantingly immerses an article to be printed into the liquid in the transcription tub from an upstream position to a downstream position of the liquid.

Now that we have no idea that what hydrodipping is, let us try and explain in a real world terms……………
Simply put, we transfer a design or custom pattern that has been printed on a water soluble film, then place this film into a container filled with water so that the film floats on the surface, we then mist an activating liquid over the film which then dissolves the film into the water and leaves the printed image on the waters’ surface, in a controlled action, we then take your item you would like the image to be placed on and submerge your item through the image on the water onto your item, hence the term Hydrodipping….

Believe it or not, this form of image transfer was patented in July 1982 already. So this isn’t anything new or recently discovered. Hydrodipping is also known as water transfer printing, immersion printing, water transfer imaging or cubic printing.

What makes this art form really exciting, is we can apply an image onto any type of material and pretty much any 3 dimensional surface, creating a coated surface that is visually appealing.

Hydrodipping has been used in the motor industry for a number of years now and isn’t just on a custom ride or a modified street machine. Many manufacturers have used this design technique for a number of years already, creating that carbon fiber look in your interior, the walnut burr in all the expensive executive motor vehicles etc…..

Not to be confused with airbrush work, hydrodipping allows us to replicate the same pattern or design 1000’s of times on any number of parts with an alarming amount of ease.

And we now welcome you to Coatit Cape Town…. We have been in the Hydrodipping industry for the last 4 years here in Cape Town. We service a number of industries which range from the young petrol head who wants a custom touch on his pride and joy, to the props on some major movie sets. We take pride in being the preferred supplier to a many number of companies and strive to deliver the absolute best we can in our specialized industry.